SEAI Workshop

Each class did a workshop with Kelly from SEAI today. We explored different types of energy and the types of renewable and non-renewable forms. Kelly did lots of experiments with us to show us how energy works. We are making … Continue reading

Gaelbhratach Coiste Fáilte

Our ‘Coiste Fáilte’ having been giving a lovely welcome in Irish to all students and adults over the last few weeks. The Senior Room have set up a committee (coiste) to guide our Gaelbhratach adventure over the next 2 years. … Continue reading

Spooky Halloween Fun

Lots of spooky fun for Halloween! We made lots of Halloween Art too.  

Autumn is in the Air!

Autumn is certainly in the air. We spotted lots of signs of autumn on our recent nature walk. Afterwards, we wrote a recount in English & Irish and used the signs of autumn to inspire our Art. Have a read … Continue reading

Coole Park 2022

Last week, we spent the day in Coole Park exploring all the signs of autumn. It was a fun filled day of outdoor learning!